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Enjoy User-Friendly API Controls

Fewer calls to get the data you need with your IDX Broker API

  • Generate your own API key right in your account.
    • Revoke your key and generate a new one at any time!
  • Use your Platinum API to get advanced lead information.
  • The Platinum API can provide data to various CRMs, website templates/themes, our WordPress plugin, and more.
    • Lite clients can make up to 300 API calls per hour.
    • Platinum clients can make up to 500 API calls per hour.
    • Partners can make up to 1500 calls per client, per hour.
  • Return information on your Featured Listings via the API

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LOVING the upgraded product! I am seeing rankings, traffic and incoming calls increase already. Thank You!

Ken Jansen, REALTOR®

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