Sales Tax Required in Applicable States


Effective March 2021 – state Sales Tax will be applied to monthly subscription payments in applicable states.

This is a legal obligation for IDX Broker based on recent changes to multistate sales tax compliance rules. As a result, states can impose sales taxes on online retailers and subscription services even if they don’t have a physical presence in the state.

There are several references available online for your review that support this action (including, but not limited to, South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. ).

Based on these new laws, we are required to calculate, collect, and remit sales tax for clients in applicable states:

As of 3/18/2021

Please refer to The Sales Tax Institute for the applicable tax rate in your area.

If you have questions about how Internet Sales Tax may affect you, we recommend consulting with your tax advisor. For any other questions regarding your account, please contact your developer partner.

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