A real estate CRM is designed specifically for the needs of real estate professionals and includes:

  • The ability to manage all your buyers, listings and closings.
  • Targeted drip email, nurture campaigns for different types of buyer and seller prospects
  • An automated monthly e-Newsletter that keeps you top of mind with your data base.
  • Relevant social media postings that build brand awareness, increase engagement, and generate new leads.

Consider these key statistics when making the invesment in a real estate CRM:

  • 95 percent of the nation's top performing agents use a CRM system in their business.
  • The majority of brokerages felt that the active use of a CRM by their agents made the agents 50 percent more productive.
  • Two out of three agents earning $100K+ use a commercial real estate CRM, compared to just 35% of those bringing home under $35K per year.
  • Brokers who offered a real estate CRM to their agents showed a 26.2% increase in transactions per agent.
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Real Estate CRM that's Easy to Use

  • Lead capture and lead management.
  • Detailed contact profiles, history, and social intelligence.
  • Calendar and task list with automated reminders.
  • Reminders for keep-in-touch calls, birthdays and more.
  • Active business area for managing listing and buyers.

Powerful Marketing Automation

  • Professionally written and designed mobile-friendly e-newsletter.
  • Mass video emails via BombBomb, plus campaign reporting.
  • Targeted lead nurture drip email campaigns.
  • Marketing Templates including holiday and event e-cards.
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