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SEO-friendly IDX pages
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17th of May, 2011

Given the right tools anybody can create SEO friendly pages that will get indexed.

IDX Broker provides SEO-friendly pages that are delivered to you as web links that match the design of your site. IDX Broker gives you a few powerful tools that give you a way to simply set and forget:
  1. You may create a custom subdomain so that your personal domain/subdomain share credit for having hosted IDX listing pages. Note that Google and other Search Engines combine subdomain and primary domain results into one count of results. If you type "site:" into a Google search box, Google will the count of IDX and non-IDX pages indexed. On average, IDX Broker clients should expect to see anywhere from 1,000 to 50,000 or more IDX pages indexed within 6 months or so. This will also depend largely on the PageRank of your primary website. If your site is new, expect to have closer to 1,000 pages indexed. Not that results may vary. Please contact Support if you find thay you have struggled to get more pages indexed. Support can assist you with additional information.
  2. You may create Custom Predefined Links. You may add custom keywords to your URLs and add custom Title, Description, and Keyword meta tags to each of your pages. These neighborhood and other predefined search pages are not only good for SEO indexing, they can be added to PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns, and used to drive very targeted keyword traffic to very targeted IDX results.
  3. You can easily establish multiple dynamic property-specific keywords for each and every property listing Title, Description, and Keyword tags. Setting this up takes all of 10 minutes, and once you are done every listing detail page will display your custom meta tags.
  4. Add the IDX sitemap to your home page, along with all of the custom links you've created. Adding these to the home page will encourage search engines to crawl deeper into the listing details that you've finetuned for them.

    Note: IDX Broker does not provide a way to generate a sitemap of your entire website, including your IDX pages. The IDX team cannot assist you with generating a sitemap for your website. While sitemaps can be helpful in some instances, we have found that most clients acheive an above-average count of indexed pages simply by taking advantage of the options listed above, especially the user sitemap link provided.

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