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Give Your Website Credit for IDX Broker Hosted Pages
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5th of March, 2014

"Content credit", as defined by SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts, is often measured using Google PageRank (PR). Other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo may provide their own content credit mechanisms but they are not as easily assigned a number or rank the way PageRank does for a given domain or subdomain.

Note: Some of the IDX Broker features described below are advanced features. You must have technical knowledge of your website hosting and DNS settings in order to implement the suggestions below. The IDX Support Team cannot support issues with your web host or DNS settings.

There are three ways to give "content credit" to your website(s) when you display IDX results and details through IDX Broker:
  1. Earn credit for your primary ( website when the PageRank 5 server sends IDX search traffic to your domain. This can only occur if your IDX pages are "wrapped" or integrated with your website design. An iFramed IDX page usually offers zero links back to your primary website, therefore, there is simply no way for Google or any other search engine to pass PageRank or other indexing credit to your website.
  2. Earn credit on a custom subdomain such as When you direct IDX Broker to display this subdomain in the URL for all IDX pages, this new subdomain receives "content credit" when your custom page links and other IDX pages are crawled by search engines. Google will pass PageRank back and forth between your primary domain and subdomain, and eventually may list your subdomain custom links, results, and details pages as indented results underneath your primary domain.
  3. Earn credit on the www subdomain of your website - just as you would for #2 above. Normally, the www version of your website is redirected to your non-www version. E.g, subdomain has what's called a CNAME record that points to (primary domain). Any search engines or people who visit the www version of your site would be redirected to, your primary domain. This is mostly invisible to website visitors. When you change the CNAME record for your www subdomain to from, all IDX Broker links change from to If a search engine or visitor lands on, we automatically redirect them to your primary index page on Please contact your registrar if you have additional questions about how to modify the CNAME record for your www subdomain.
For more information about optimizing your IDX pages for search engine indexing, learn how to verify your IDX subdomain(s) in Google Webmaster tools.

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