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Email Updates Customization
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30th of January, 2012

You can provide your customers email updates when new properties within their search criteria become available. To make this available, provide the Email Updates Signup link found under Account Management --> Page Links.

Options in the Global Preferences
Before making this link available, you will want to set up your Email Update Options under My Preferences --> Global Preferences. This of the Global Preferences page allows you to set options for automatic email updates to leads:
  • Enter the email address that should display in the From field of the emails. Use this field if you want to keep your Primary Account and Email Update addresses separate. If you enter nothing here, your leads will still receive their email updates, but with your account's Primary email address in the From field.
  • Select to receive carbon copies or summaries of email updates. Most clients choose to receive a Summary of All Daily Mailings. The daily summary includes each lead's name, email address, and a link to the search results featured in their email update.
  • Enter the address to receive carbon copies. This field will only support one email address. Note that until you add a Carbon Copy email address and select Summary or All from the dropdown, you will not receive a copy of emails being sent to your leads.

Click Save Changes when you are finished.

Options for Agents on Multi-User (Office) Accounts
On multi-user accounts, agents will see many of these same options, and be able to set them up for updates to their own leads, when they edit their bio page. Agents may also CC themselves on emails sent to their leads. This setting is available for Agents in their Agent Control Panel under Bio -> Email Update Settings.

Your agents can also customize their own Email Updates Page Header. In the Page Header box provided in an agent's Email Update Settings, text or HTML can be added to create a custom header that will replace your main header for. Note that this Email Updates Header will apply ONLY to emails sent to leads assign to this particular Agent. This custom Email Updates Header gives your agents a way to personalize their emails to clients.

Email Updates Appearance Customization
You can also customize the appearance of the email updates by using a page wrapper and/or subheader.

To add a page wrapper (which works similarly to stationery in other email programs), go to Customize --> Page Wrappers --> Lead Pages --> Email Updates. To preview what your email updates will look like to your clients, select your email address at the left and click the Send button. Please see this article for more detailed information on using Page Wrappers.

To add a subheader, go to Customize -> Sub Headers -> Lead Pages. Enter your subheader content into the box labeled "Email Updates Sub Header." This can be text or HTML. In the example below, simple HTML displays a banner image.

This sub header will display the banner image at the top of every email update. Note that you cannot upload this banner into your IDX Broker account. Use an image hosting service, or host the file on your own website.

Email  Updates Signature & Contact Information
The contact information displayed in the footer of your email updates is pulled from the information you have entered in the Account Management -> Contact Info page in IDX Broker. Please check to be sure this information is accurate.
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