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WordPress: Add IDX Broker Page Links & Widgets
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27th of January, 2012

When you establish an account, IDX Broker provides you with a list of page links. These are integrated pages with the same look and feel of your WordPress site or blog. You will want to add these page links to your blog or site. There are several ways to accomplish this:

The most popular way to add IDX page links and widgets to your Wordpress site is to use the IDX Broker Wordpress Plugin. Once the plugin has been downloaded and installed, you can find instructions on how to set it up here.

Depending on your Wordpress install and web hosting settings, the IDX Broker Wordpress Plugin may not be a good fit for your site. Adding IDX page links and widgets to your Wordpress site without our plugin is very easy. Below are the steps you can take to complete a full IDX integration by using the tools provided in IDX Broker and other 3rd party plugins.

Adding IDX Page Links To Your Main Navigation

Links to your IDX search pages can easily be added to your site as menu items in your main navigation. There are two methods you can use to add these links to your main site navigation: using the Menu tool in Wordpress, or by using a 3rd party plugin called Page Links To. Using the Menu tool in Wordpress to add IDX links will be the easiest option if you have already set up your main website navigation using this tool.  If you are not using the Menu tool to manage your site navigation in Wordpress, then you’ll probably want to use Page Links To to add your IDX links.

Adding IDX Links Using the Menu Tool in Wordpress
In your Wordpress Dashboard, go to Appearance -> Menus. This tool will allow you to add links to the navigation menus provided in your theme. Choose the menu where you would like to add your links. In the “Custom Links” box on the left, enter in the URL for the IDX page you wish to link to. Add the text for your link using the Label field, and click Add to Menu.  Your link will appear in your menu layout to the right. From here, you can drag and drop your new links in the order in which you would like them to appear on your website.

Adding IDX Links Using Page Links To
First, download Page Links To, a 3rd party plugin that allows you to add links to non-Wordpress pages to your navigation. After activating Page Links To, you can start adding your links.  In this example, we’ll go through how to add a link to your Basic Search page.  In Wordpress, go to Pages -> Add New to add a new link to your navigation. Enter the text for your link in the title field for the page.  Underneath the page content editor, you should see the Page Links To widget. In the “Point to this URL” field, paste in the URL to the IDX page you would like to link to. You can find the URL’s for all of your IDX pages in IDX Broker under Account Management -> Page Links.

Once those two items have been entered in, save and publish the page. View your website, and you will see a link to your IDX page in your main navigation.

Adding IDX Widgets To Your Sidebar

You can find the code for all available IDX Broker Widgets in your IDX Control Panel under the Widgets tab.

IDX Broker Widgets, such as the Showcase, Slideshow, or Quick Search, can be easily added to sidebar by using the Text Widget in Wordpress. First, go to Appearance -> Widgets in Wordpress. Under “Available Widgets” drag the widget labeled “Text” over to one of your sidebar areas on the right. Enter in a title for your widget, paste in the code for the widget into the body area of the widget, and click Save.

View one of your web pages, and you should see your widgets in your sidebar:

Adding IDX Widgets To A Post Or Page Body

Widgets like Showcases or Slideshows can also be added to the body of a blog post or page in Wordpress. In the example below, we’ll add an IDX Slideshow to the body of a blog post.  In Wordpress, to go Posts and click on a Post to bring up the Edit Post screen.  Toward the top right of the content editor, you’ll see two tabs labeled “Visual” and “HTML.”  Click the HTML tab and find the area in your post where you would like your slideshow to display. Paste in the code for the Slideshow into the HTML for your Post body and publish your changes.

View your post, and you’ll see your Slideshow appear:

Note: IDX Broker widgets are not compatible with hosted sites do not allow JavaScript or form tags. You can read more about the type of code allows on their hosted sites here in their online support documentation.

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