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Lead Management
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20th of June, 2011

Every IDX Broker account includes a full set of Lead Management tools. Use the links below for more information on each feature included in the Lead Management area of your account.

Hot Leads
In Lead Management -> Manage Leads, you have the ability to filter by "Hot Leads." Hot Leads are any leads that have signed up, logged in, or received an email update within a given period of time. You can specify this period of time in your control panel under Lead Management -> Manage Leads. In the Hot Leads Definition field, enter the number of days since the lead was last contacted. Then, you can use the Hot Leads filter in the Jump To menu to display "Hot Leads."

Using the Hot Leads filter allows you to quickly see which leads have recently engaged with your IDX pages. When you filter leads by "Hot Leads" you have a quick sampling of the people who are your most likely prospects.

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