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Managing Email Updates
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13th of June, 2011

You can provide your customers email updates when new properties within their search criteria become available. You will find this link under under Account Management --> Page Links:

Scroll down to the "Email Updates Signup Tool" link and click on the link:

This page will most likely look like one of the several signup templates established during setup:

Once a visitor or lead has filled out this form and signed up, you have several options. You can choose to:

  • Manually validate their email to allow them to view properties.
  • Call them to confirm their search results (assuming that a phone # was provided).
  • Review statistics to determine if the visitor looked at specific property types.
  • Login as the visitor, and review their search results.
  • Revise their search results.

Customizing Email Updates:
Before making this link available, you will need to set up your Email Update Options under My Preferences --> Global Preferences. Enter the email address that should appear in the From field. You can also enter an email address to receive a carbon copy or a summary report of these emails.

Note that email updates DO NOT pull from your global wrapper. You will need to create a separate email specific HTML wrapper for the updates that are sent on on your behalf.  In order to customize and preview what your email updates will look like to your clients, go to Customize --> Page Wrappers --> Lead Pages --> Email Updates.  Once you have your custom HTML added to the wrapper, you can send yourself a test email update by selecting your email address at the left and clicking the Send button.

Click here for a video demonstration on Registration Options.

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