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Lead Management
Managing Leads - Best Practices and Tips
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  1. questionAdd New Leads
    To add a lead, go to Lead Management --> Add New Lead. Enter all available information and click Save Lead Settings: See below for some details regarding manually added leads: The only required fields are "Name" and "Email Address". Multi-User accounts will see an "Assigned Agent" opti ...

  2. questionSending Emails
    In early Dec 2010 we hired a specialized email service provider to process and track email delivery to major email providers such as Yahoo! and Hotmail. Their service reports that over 92% of valid emails are being delivered. This number is well above average. Please review the topics below to e ...

  3. questionInactive Leads
    Leads go "inactive" when they haven't logged into your website or been updated manually after a certain period of time. You can control how long this takes and whether those leads are deleted or not by going to Lead Management --> Inactive Leads. Enter the conditions you want and click Save ...

  4. questionPriority order for leads generated in Multi-User accounts
    Some methods of assigning leads to agents will override others. The priority ordering for generated leads is as follows: System Assigned Lead – Once a lead has been assigned an agent in the admin control panel, that lead will stay with that agent until changed within the admin control p ...

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