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October 2010 IDX Broker Office Newsletter
Welcome to our Inaugural newsletter!

This newsletter will help you get the most out of your IDX Broker subscription. Each month, our team will pull together 2-3 helpful tips to help you understand more about the powerful features available in IDX Broker.

This month's newsletter will explain how to add Agent Bio pages, how to promote the myAgent iPhone/iPad App, and how to give Agents a way to embed their Subheader onto any of your Search pages.

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Adding Agents to Your Account:

Agent Bio Page Video TutorialWith IDX Broker, you may automatically display Agents' listings on their Bio page. If you haven't created Bio pages for your agents, login to your IDX Broker control panel to do that now. You will find the Add New User link here. Note that your Office account may display only as many Management, Staff, or Agent Bio pages as your account will allow. For example, if you have subscribed to the 3-10 User Office account, you will be limited to 10 pages total. Call us at 800-421-9668 if you need to upgrade you account level.

Consider the following when you add new Agent Bio pages:
  • Email Address. If you don't enter an email address for the Agent, they will not receive new lead notifications. Feel free to enter their AT&T, Verizon, or other email addresses provided by their cellular provider if you wish to notify the Agent via text.
  • Assign an Office. Even if you have only one Office, be sure to add it and then make sure each Agent Bio is assigned to that Office.
  • Agent Photo. Photos should be no wider than 300 pixels. You may use an online tool such as
  • MLS Membership ID. IDX Broker needs this ID in order to display the Agent's featured listings on their Bio page.
  • Username and Password. Provide Agents with a the login link (at the top of the Manage Users page, and assign them a username and password so that they can manage their active listings, modify their Bio details, or add the Mobile Widget to their Bio subheader.
Other Bio page features to consider are custom email updates header and page header. The custom email updates header will replace your Office email update header (if you have one in place) with one specific to that Agent. The Bio page header will show up across your IDX search pages if an Agent sends a visitor directly to their Bio page via email or other link. You can encourage Agents to promote their Bio page via Twitter, Facebook, etc. This way you can provide your Agents with a co-branded website, while encouraging them to send traffic to their Bio page.

Make the Most of the myAgent app for iPhones & iPads:

MyAgent iPhone AppDid you know that you can give each of your Agents a unique Agent code that they can use for the myAgent iPhone/iPad application? There are some other features you should know about when it comes to the myAgent App:
  • Your office code displays your Office information; including logo, phone number and website address.
  • Each Agent code corresponds with the ID of the Agent's Bio page and also includes your logo and company name.
  • Agents can use the App's map search to find the latest listings in the MLS.
  • Agents can use the App and their code to show off featured listings while in the field.
To make the most of your iPhone app, simply login to your IDX Broker account and go to the Mobile tab. Agents can do the same when logging into the account you've provided for them. The mobile tab provides the widget code necessary to embed the iPhone app onto any web page. This widget displays your Office or the Agent's myAgent code, and provides a direct link to the app store.

A Closer Look: Agent Sub Headers

Agent sub headers allow agents to co-brand your Office website with their Subheader content. Each agent may simply append a unique tag to the any of your Search pages, to direct their leads to your IDX search pages. When a user visits one of those tagged page links, the Agent's Bio Subheader will appear at the top of every page on your site. More importantly, that lead will automatically be assigned to the Agent that sent the visitor to your site. By taking advantage of this feature, your agents are able to capture leads from any source, such as :
  • Customer email communications
  • Social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook
  • Blog posts
To find the correct tag for each Agent, login to your IDX control panel and go to Manage Users/Offices and click on Agent's name. Scroll down the page to User Permissions preferences. The Subheader tag and an example are displayed in a box at the bottom of that section.

Agent Sub Headers

Agents may add content to their Subheaders by logging into their IDX Broker control panel, clicking the Bio tab, and using the Bio Page Header editor to create a Subheader. If agents do not have permission to edit their own bio pages, you or your web designer will need to create a Subheader for each agent.