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December 2011 IDX Broker Office Newsletter
This month's newsletter focuses on some of the hidden features available in your IDX Broker account. We'll show you how to find out which search engine keywords are bringing customers to your website and IDX pages. We'll also show you how set up account permissions for all of your agents. Lastly, we'll show you how to create multiple custom map search links you can use for your neighborhood or community pages!

As always, our Support Team is available to answer any questions. You or your Agents are welcome to email or call our Support team (M-F, 7-5 PST). Please take a few minutes to complete our short survey and we'll do our best to incorporate your ideas into our next newsletter!

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The IDX Team

Tracking Keyword Referrals

After your website and IDX have been up and running for a while, you will probably want to know which properties site visitors are interacting with on your site, and specifically, which keywords people are using to reach your site.

There are two ways to track keyword referrals:
  1. Google Analytics - Sign up for Google Analytics. It's free and you'll get access to many tools and reports that will help you track activity on your website. Simply add Google's tracking code to the footer of your Global Wrapper and start tracking each and every IDX page load.
  2. IDX Traffic Stats - Each hit to your IDX pages is recorded in your account under My Dashboard -> Traffic Stats. Here, you can view each IDX page viewed, the referring URL, and browser and IP information about each site visitor. You can download this full report and import it into your favorite spreadsheet software for further slicing and dicing.

Tracking keyword referrals will give you insight as to how site visitors are getting to your site and IDX pages and provide you with guidance on how to optimize your marketing efforts!

Agent User Permissions

After you have set up your agents in your IDX Broker Office account, you can customize many areas of their individual accounts, including their User Permissions. These permission preferences allow you to limit the features that certain Agents have access to while logged into their IDX Broker account.

You can find User Permissions for your agents in IDX Broker under Manage Users/Offices -> Manage Users. Click on an agent's name and scroll down to the User Permissions section.

Below, we'll go over each preference and what it does:
  • Manage own Email Update Subscribers - Allow this agent to view and edit information for any leads assigned to them. They will be able to edit their lead's contact information, saved searches, and saved properties.
  • Modify Own Username & Password - Let this agent change their username and password as they see fit for their individual login to your IDX Broker account.
  • Modify own Bio Page - Give this agent permission to add/edit content to their bio page including their agent photo, contact information, header, and details.
  • Manage Own Listings - Allow this agent to view and edit their active MLS listings. They can change listing prices and photos and also add virtual tours and open house information.
  • Can reassign leads - Agents can re-assign their leads to other agents on the account. This feature may come in handy if a lead fills out a contact form and is automatically assigned to an agent that does not cover the market area where they are looking to buy.
  • Shown in Featured Agent Widget - Use this preference to determine which agents will show up in the Featured Agent Widget you can place on your website.
  • Show Agent Bio Subheaders - Turn on/off this agent's custom subheader. Click here for more information on how agent subheaders work.
Setting User Permissions individually by Agent provides a way to fine-tune how much control you want your agents to have over the information and features provided in your IDX Broker Office account. You can also set the same permissions for all of your agents in one easy step using Global Permissions. Go to Manage Users/Offices -> Manage Users and use the preferences under the expanded "Reset Agent Bio Settings To" menu. Saving permissions here will update them globally for all agents on your account and overwrite any individual agent settings.

User Permissions can help you customize the experience your agents will have with IDX Broker!

Build Custom Map Search Pages

Many of you are familiar with our Custom Links feature for pre-defined search results pages. What you may not know is that you can also create pre-defined map search pages using the Custom Link tools. Build multiple map search pages with different geographical locations for your site visitors to use to find properties in their desired areas.

To build custom map results pages, login to IDX Broker and go to Customize -> Custom Links. Click on Map Search in the submenu. Then, click on Build Map Search Custom URL's. This link will take you to a page where you will build out your links.

The custom map search builder page will look like your IDX Map Search page with a link builder tool displayed above the map. First, you will need to position the map over the area you would like to focus on. Use the map controls to navigate and zoom until you get it just right. This is how your custom map search page will look to your site visitors.
Next, go to Step 1 in the box above the map search. Read the instructions and click Generate URL. The URL for your custom map search link will appear in red at the top of the box. You can copy and paste this link into your website navigation.

Step 2 is optional. You can use this step to name and save your map search in the Saved Links area of your account, where you will have further customization options.

Custom map search pages provide a fun way for your site visitors to search for listings using a visual mapping tool!

We hope you enjoyed your December newsletter!