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Polygon Search Widget Generator

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Define Your Own Search Regions

Use our map-based polygon search tool to create custom search showcase and slideshow widgets.

  • Trust that ANY listings located in a specific geocodable region are included in search results.
  • Set the predefined search region by simply drawing a shape on the map using your cursor.
  • Zoom in and fine-tune the dimensions as specific as needed!
  • Choose to include listings from all or one of your MLS feeds within each polygon region.
  • Utilize this resource when your MLS doesn't provide a name for a geographic area or to overcome incorrect listing data provided by your MLSs or other listing agents.
  • Give your widgets highly indexable names to enhance searchability for informal areas with recognizable names.

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  • Create seach widgets for informal areas such as "SOHO" or "Upper West Side"
  • Overcome incorrect listing data
  • Fine-tune any existing neighborhood or create your own

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This is a Platinum Only Feature