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Features: IDX Wordpress Plugin

Feature Details

Turn your WordPress blog into a powerful lead capture solution, using one flat-rate product!

  • Display IDX search forms, widgets, and links on your blog AND on your primary website.
  • All you need to do is choose one design for all of your IDX results and details pages - either your primary website (if applicable), or your WordPress blog.
  • Then use the IDX Broker WordPress plugin to add IDX lead capture and indexable idx page links to your WordPress blog or site.
  • Simply install the IDX Broker WordPress Plugin, add your client identification and password, and start adding Widgets and links to your blog. Tour the WordPress Demo blog now.
  • There's even a powerful IDX feature for advanced developers - Automatic Page Wrappers! When you make design or layout changes to your blog, you can synchronize your page wrappers with one click of the button.

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  • Add IDX to your Wordpress blog or site.

  • Develop themes that can easily include IDX feeds.

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