The IDX Broker Developer Program provides incentives for designers and developers who integrate IDX Broker Lite or IDX Broker Platinum into their real estate websites. Monthly commission payouts start with 5 accounts, and maxes out at 45% payback for real estate designers who refer 51 or more accounts. Your clients will never pay a setup fee - beginning with your 1st referral. Checks are sent out within 30 days of the close of the previous month.


  • You must be able to provide a completed W-9 upon sign up.
  • You must bundle services with IDX. You cannot sell IDX as a stand-alone product.
  • You should not use iFrame tags to integrate IDX and must maintain minimum HTML/CSS competency.
  • You must have a minimum of 5 accounts active for one billing cycle in order to receive a commission in the form of a check.
  • You must take full responsibility for supporting your referrals. As an IDX Developer Partner you can contact our support team but your clients cannot.

Program Details:

After signing up for the program and submitting your one-time $99 setup fee, you will gain access to the following IDX Broker resources:

  • A Custom Sign Up Form. Add your logo to a sign up form that includes no setup fee. Note that IDX Broker Terms and Conditions prohibit advertising free or reduced-priced IDX setup through any marketing materials.
  • Custom Sign Up Email. You will receive an alert and a link to the client's "current status" page when your client fills out your custom sign up form.
  • Co-Branded Client Control Panel: Add your logo to your client's IDX Broker admin header.
  • Rapid Payment: 30 day payables.
  • Billing Reports: We will mail you a revenue report, provided that you have referred at least 5 clients.

There is a $99 entry fee to join the program, but once you become a Developer Partner, your clients will never pay a $99 setup fee to IDX Broker.

Developer Monthly Commission Payback

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